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  • My husband and I are incredibly thankful we found Dr Lee and are so lucky we were her patients. She truly was the perfect dr for us. Even though we would have rather not had to experience infertility for two years and a pregnancy loss, we are incredibly thankful we had Dr Lee to help us on this journey to starting our family. My first appointment with Dr Lee was via zoom, as her office is in Bethlehem PA and we are in Pittsburgh PA about five hours away. We had a terrible experience at our first clinic (Reproductive Gynecology and Infertility of Ohio - see my other review of them for more information), so our first appointment with Dr Lee to review the first clinics diagnoses (alleged blocked right Fallopian tube for me, slight male factor for my husband - lower morphology). Our first meeting with Dr. Lee was about an hour, and we knew relatively early in the meeting we were in very good hands. She had thoroughly reviewed our file, and asked us many questions about the testing we previously had done. After that meeting though, we had a thorough understand of her plan. At every point, Dr Lee thoroughly explained everything going on, performed all the ultrasounds herself, and always took her time to answer our questions. While our first IUI was successful - we got pregnant - at our first ultrasound the pregnancy wasn’t developing normally. An ultrasound at my local MFM confirmed this, and we experienced a miscarriage. Again, while this is an experience we wish we never had, we are so thankful we had not only a Dr but such a kind person like Dr Lee to help us through this. She even went so far as to call me at 7pm on a Sunday evening to see how I was doing. It was such a thoughtful gesture and we appreciated it so much. Our second IUI was when Dr Lee confirmed her suspicion that my right Fallopian tube was in fact not blocked, unlike the first clinic we saw said and insisted we had to do IVF to get pregnant. However, Dr lee always suspected my right tube wasn’t blocked, and rather than do nothing and waste the cycle, the multiple trips to the other side of the state, and gonal f injections I had done, she asked if I would be willing to stay at the clinic for an hour and then she could do a saline sonogram to confirm if my tube is blocked or not - if it wasn’t blocked we would see bubbles on the ultrasound traveling through my Fallopian tubes on both sides. I waited an hour in a conference room, and we did the saline sonogram. Immediately we saw bubbles light up my tubes, and it was then confirmed I didn’t have blocked Fallopian tubes at all! Our plan then was to proceed with the iui next appointment. I am so thankful Dr lee did this test, because im about to be 35 weeks pregnant with our son. I don’t think many drs would do what she did - keep me at her office for hours to do a small test that truly made a huge difference in our lives. We just couldn’t be more thankful for Dr Lee and all she did for us.

    Kelsey Fox Avatar Kelsey Fox
    June 19, 2023
  • I cannot put into words how thankful I am for Dr. Lee & her staff. Infertility is a long and difficult journey but this center always made me feel "at home". Give yourself grace during this time. Take it day by day, just trust the process and leave it to Dr. Lee to make your little miracle. Three rounds of IUI & two frozen embryo transfers later we are expecting. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful care I received.

    Liz Ziegler Avatar Liz Ziegler
    June 7, 2023
  • We can’t thank Dr. Lee and her team enough for all of their hard work and dedication to make our dream come true. We were previously very unsatisfied after a year with no success at another clinic. We came to Dr. Lee and she was so knowledgeable and knew exactly what we needed to become pregnant. She explains each step of the process and the do’s and don’ts. She really takes her time to see the process completely through. I’ve been to the office on weekends and she’s personally called me on holidays to let me know exactly what is going on. All the staff are amazing as well. I was able to feel comfortable to call the office and ask any questions. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Lee and her wonderful staff for my little blessings!

    Briana Miller Avatar Briana Miller
    June 2, 2023
  • Went through two rounds of IUI with Dr. Lee back in 2021 and conceived on our second try - my son is now one and thriving 🙂 Dr. Lee was so knowledgeable and helpful along the way and really took the reigns to get things moving. I remember her calling me personally to speak with me about when to take a trigger shot and/or with other news. All the staff is amazing as well and they really become an extended family of sorts. Infertility is such a difficult time for the whole family and it's so nice to find amazing support and help. Our family will forever be thankful for Dr. Lee and her staff!!!!

    Kristyn Huddleston Avatar Kristyn Huddleston
    February 10, 2023
  • Hello everyone i am writing this review because i fully believe that Dr.Lee derserve it. First and foremost she goes above and beyond for the people.She is trying to give you a family when all else is impossible .Her story and drive and determination speaks for it self this past year we went to doctor lee literally in 8 incehes of snow and noone was even on the road but doctor Lee was in the office working this speaks alot driving in a blizzard to do gods work.. alot of the time after hours doctor lee stays and work even when the staff leaves this is her determination to go above and beyond to make sure she is doing whats best for her patients she is always very straight forward and gets to the point and as long as you can follow directions and do as she ask you will have great results doctor lee also gave us many pictures and ultrasound which is awesome and her staff was very friendly and helpful .doctor lee is a expert in this field and if you want the best service and best success rate and not waste your time or your money you will go to doctor lee ...she has also given us a baby girl on her very first try which we are expecting in march and will be going back to her when the time is right for sure.. we are so greatful for doctor lee and her staff for giving us such a great gift.. the gift of life we are so blessed thankyou family fertility center

    Jeremy Spallone Avatar Jeremy Spallone
    November 21, 2022

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