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(Last updated August 5, 2018)

Family Fertility Center does not share oocytes among different recipients. Typically recipients of anonymous oocytes have experienced numerous non-donor treatment cycles failure. We do not believe it is in the best interest of the recipient to share oocytes and compromise their success unless two or more recipients arrange between themselves an agreement to share donor oocytes.

Live Births with Anonymous
Live Births with Anonymous Donor Oocytes
Number of Cycles Start Live birth with fresh transfer % Live Birth per cycle start (fresh transfer only) Live birth with frozen transfer Total live birth (fresh and subsequent frozen transfer) per cycle start % Live Birth per cycle start
Since 1994 83 46 55.4% 16 62 74.7%
Since 2006 50 31 62.0% 14 45 90.0%
Since 2010 29 19 65.5% 10 29 100.00%

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.

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