Egg Donation

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation
Ellen Glazer and Evelina Sterling
Perspective Press, 2005

Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional and Ethical Considerations
Susan Cooper and Ellen Glazer
Perspective Press, 1998

Building Your Family Through Egg and Sperm Donation: What You Will Need to Know About the Emotional Aspects, Bonding and Disclosure Issues
Joyce Sutkamp Friedman
Jolance press, 1996.

Family Building Through Egg And Sperm Donation, Medical, Ethical and Legal Issues
Machelle Seibel and Susan Crockin
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1996

Third Party Assisted Conception Across Cultures: Social, Legal and Ethical Perspectives
Eric Blyth, Ruth Landau
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2004


Is Adoption for You? The Information You Need to Make the Right Choice
Christine Adamec
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1998

The Adoption Resource Book: Everything You Ought to Know About Creating an Adoptive Family
Lois Gilman
Harper Collins Publishers, 1998

Handbook of Andrology by American Society of Andrology

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