Alternative Financial Options

Those patients who have no insurance coverage for any portion of the planned treatment cycle would be eligible for one of the alternative fee packages for infertility treatment. Our financial counselor is available to explain the details of each package and to help you select the best financial option. Charges are not itemized on your account for these discounted self-pay treatment cycles, and no claims can be submitted to your insurance company. All self-pay fees must be paid in full prior to the start of treatment in order to take advantage of the discounted fees.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please schedule a consultation with our Financial Counselor for further details. Family Fertility Center reserves the right to modify, restrict, or cancel any or all of these programs at any time without notice.

Global Fees*

Patients with no insurance coverage who are interested in pursuing a single cycle of treatment are eligible for a global fee treatment cycle. The global fee is a discounted flat fee for all standard services rendered in a complete cycle of treatment and is designed to give peace of mind when planning for the cost of infertility treatment. Treatment costs often will vary when additional monitoring with ultrasound and blood testing are needed. With a global fee, you will not be charged additionally for these services during your treatment cycle. Global fees do not include pre-screening, medications, or follow-up visits, lab tests and ultrasounds performed after the initial pregnancy test. Any diagnostic test or procedure typically not included in a standard cycle, such as certain hormone/genetic tests, cyst aspirations, etc., also would be excluded.

Single Cycle Plus Discount Program*

The Single Cycle Plus Discount Program makes attempting pregnancy more affordable by offering a package that includes a single cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with cryopreservation and storage of embryos and up to (2) frozen embryo transfers (FET) to achieve one viable pregnancy. This program best suits female patients younger than 35 years of age who have good ovarian response and a high likelihood of having normal embryos. While there is no guarantee of a take-home baby, If you achieve pregnancy on the fresh IVF cycle, we’ll refund you a portion of the package fee so you won’t pay more than the fee-for-service cost for services rendered . If not pregnant after the first FET, the second FET is provided at no additional cost. Medications, anesthesia and some other services are excluded.

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Multi-Cycle Plus Discount Program*

Recent technological breakthroughs in embryo freezing enable excess embryos created from a fresh IVF cycle to be frozen and thawed effectively, resulting in live birth rates comparable to fresh embryos. Consequently, patients can get “another chance” at pregnancy after one unsuccessful round of fresh IVF without going through the long process and expense of a repeat fresh IVF/ICSI cycle. Participants in the Multi-Cycle PLUS Discount Program are eligible for three (3) fresh IVF/ICSI cycles, freezing and storage of all excess embryos meeting standard criteria for cryopreservation, and up to three (3) cycles of frozen embryo transfer (FET) in order to attempt a single pregnancy. Under this program, the patient pays significantly less for each treatment cycle and , if needed, the third fresh IVF and two FET cycles are free! And if you get pregnant on your first fresh or FET cycle, you’ll still pay only for those cycles since we’ll refund you the difference. Medications, anesthesia and some other services are excluded. This package is ideal for those patients who want to take advantage of every technology in order to have a baby.

Partners in IVF Program*

The Partners in IVF Program guarantees either a take-home baby or a 50% refund of the package price. Eligible participants will be offered up to four (4) fresh IVF/ICSI cycles plus unlimited frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles of excess embryos created and cryopreserved from all fresh cycles. If no baby is born after all four fresh cycles and all frozen embryos are transferred, participants will receive a 50% refund. Medications, anesthesia, and some other services are excluded; and participants must meet specific medical criteria to be eligible. This program is designed to “give back” to those patients who may need to pursue alternative family building options such as adoption or donor egg treatment. Couples achieving a pregnancy on the first attempt will pay more with this program than the traditional fee-for-service payment methods.

100% Refund Donor Oocyte Program*

The 100% Refund Donor Oocyte Program guarantees a baby or 100% of the package price will be refunded. Eligible participants will be offered up to three (3) fresh IVF/ICSI cycles with unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles until all the frozen embryos are exhausted during the contract period. There is an additional non-refundable fee for each fresh cycle which includes the donor fees, donor anesthesia, mandated FDA donor testing, and donor insurance. Medications and some other services are excluded. Couples achieving a pregnancy on the first attempt will pay more with this program than the traditional fee for service payment methods.

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Minimally Stimulated IVF Program*

This program is designed to offer an alternative for women with severely low ovarian reserve and/or documented low response to conventional stimulation with gonadotropins, who are not ready to or cannot (for religious or other reason) pursue IVF with donor eggs. This program offers up to three cycles of IVF with clomiphene citrate stimulation. All mature oocytes will be fertilized and all resultant embryos meeting standard criteria for cryopreservation will be frozen. Embryos generated from up to three cycles of IVF will be thawed and transferred in a frozen embryo transfer to achieve optimal implantation.

Caring Heart Program*

Some health insurance plans cover the cost of IVF services, while many provide little or no coverage at all. Recognizing that these costs can be financially burdensome for many women and couples, the Family Fertility Center has created its Caring Heart Program

The Caring Heart Program offers income-based discounts to patients with good prognosis for successful pregnancy who have limited financial resources and no insurance coverage for IVF treatment. The percentage discount is based on annual household income, which must be confirmed by two years of U.S. Federal tax returns. Discounts would not apply to any fees paid to providers other than Family Fertility Center, although patients also may be eligible for discounted medications programs such as EMD Serono’s Compassionate Care Program or any other program that may become available.

Patients who are interested in the Caring Heart Program must submit a completed Application with all required supporting documents and meet certain eligibility criteria. Acceptance into the program is at the sole discretion of Family Fertility Center and must be confirmed prior to the start of an IVF treatment cycle. For more details, please contact the Buisness Manager at (610)868-8600, ext 5.

Fertility Preservation

Cancer patients interested in fertility preservation also are eligible for deeply discounted fees. Please contact our Business Manager for more details.

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