Downloadable PDFs

  1. Consent to treatment with assisted reproductive technologies (ART Consent)
  2. Consent to freezing and storage of human embryos
  3. Side effects of gonadotropins
  4. Consent to frozen embryo transfer
  5. Consent to shipment of frozen embryos to, and short term storage at FFC
  6. Disposition of frozen specimens currently stored at the Family Fertility Center
    1. Disposition of frozen embryos currently stored at the Family Fertility Center
    2. Disposition of frozen sperm, epididymal aspirate or testicular tissue currently stored at FFC
    3. Disposition of frozen eggs currently stored at FFC
  7. Consent to be a gestational surrogate
  8. Consent to freezing and storage of human eggs
  9. Consent to donate human embryos for reproductive purpose
  10. Consent to accept donated human embryos for reproductive purposes
  11. Consent to artificial insementation using sperm from intimate partner
  12. Consent to intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm
    1. For Couple
    2. For Individual
  13. Consent to short term storage of donor gametes at Family Fertility Center
    1. Donor sperm
    2. Donor eggs
  14. Consent to freezing and short term storage of semen at FFC (backup purpose only)
  15. Consent to freezing and short term storage of semen, epididymal aspirate and/or testicular biopsy tissue at FFC
  16. Consent to donate sperm to designated recipient
  17. Consent to donate sperm for quality control use only
  18. Forms for long term storage at Reprotech
  19. Consent to embryo biopsy for pre-implantation genetic testing
  20. Consent to Telemedicine Services
  21. Consent to Infertility Treatment During Covid-19


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