Affording Treatment

Too often, couples who are diagnosed as infertile will wonder how they will be able to pay for infertility treatment.

The good news is that most couples will have infertility benefits to cover the initial consultation and diagnostic testing. Other couples will have coverage for the medical treatment of infertility, such as ovulation induction. Some patients will have coverage for low-tech treatments such as artificial insemination (AI), while others will have coverage even for advanced reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Fortunately, there are very few patients who will have no coverage for either infertility diagnosis or treatment.

We strongly urge you to investigate your benefits. Ideally, it is best to obtain written verification of your benefits, if possible. We have learned over the years that insurance companies are not always accurate or comprehensive when describing health care benefits. Typically, benefit information is delivered only in response to specific questions; and some important information may be misinterpreted or omitted unintentionally. For this reason, our staff also will investigate your benefits. If we identify any discrepancies between benefit information provided to the patient and to our staff, we immediately pursue other avenues to determine benefit eligibility before testing or treatment is initiated.

Once a fertility treatment plan has been designed for you, our financial counselor will help you maximize your insurance benefits and explain alternative financial options. Some patients use a combination of their health insurance benefits and personal savings to fund their fertility treatment plan. Others may apply for home equity or personal loans through their bank or simply use Visa or Mastercard.

If the lack of insurance is a concern, the Family Fertility Center offers several alternative financial options that can help you plan your spending for infertility treatment, including global treatment fees, Single Cycle Plus Discount Program, Multi-Cycle Plus Discount Program, Partners in IVF Program, 100% Refund Donor Oocyte Program, Minimally Stimulated IVF Program, Caring Heart Program and the Fertility Preservation Program.

Our experienced financial team is available to explain the different financial options and their costs.

Discount for Veterans Program*

We honor all the men and women who selflessly serve our country. Towards that goal, we offer deep discount up to 50% – to all veterans, whether actively serving or have served in the military including the National Guards and Reserve, whose service related injury has rendered them in need of IVF. As well, for all veterans who have no insurance coverage for any infertility treatment, we offer up to 25% discount for some services related to IVF.

*Certain restrictions may apply. Please contact our financial team for more information. Family Fertility Center reserves the right to cancel the discount program or limit the number of candidates eligible for the discount program.

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