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Thank you for taking the first step with us in your quest for parenthood. We take great pride in operating as a team to provide quality health care to all of our patients and, ultimately, to help our patients realize their dream of having a child.

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Getting Ready for Your First Visit

Complete and bring the following forms with you at your first visit. Click on links for couplesfemale or male individual.

Other documents you should read before your first visit are:

Bring the following items with you at your visit:

  • Valid driver license for both partners
  • If a driver license is not issued, bring a valid passport with photo, or a photo ID issued by a state government
  • Health insurance card, or cards if each partner has different plan
  • Prescription drug card, or cards if each partner has different plan
  • Special referral or pre-authorization form from your primary care provider, if required by your health plan

If you already have undergone a basic infertility workup, or if you have had infertility treatment elsewhere, please request copies of those medical records and bring them along to your initial consult. A Request for Access to Records form is available here for your convenience. Federal law allows up to 30 days for health care providers to gather and send your medical records. So request your records as soon as possible.

If your insurance requires any special referrals or preauthorizations for infertility, please bring it with you to your initial consultation. Also confirm if ultrasounds and hormone blood tests can be performed in the specialist’s office. If not, what is the name of the specific radiology facility or laboratory you must use?

If you have specific questions or concerns, write them down and bring along at your first visit. An informed patient is the most efficient and satisfied consumer of healthcare.

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Keeping Your Appointment

Last minute delay or conflict of schedule happens. Our team greatly appreciates a courtesy call (610)868-8600 to keep us informed. We will give our best effort to accommodate reasonable delay or we will be glad to reschedule your consultation at your earliest convenience.

Your First Visit

At your first visit, a careful review of the woman’s medical history including past and current health condition will be undertaken. This can include:

  • A review of the pattern of menstrual cycle and bleeding to help determine if ovulation is occurring and if other problems such as diminished reserve (aging) of the ovary or uterine defects (fibroids or polyps) are present.
  • A review of past pregnancies and outcome.
  • Collection of information which might suggest an anatomic problem with the tubes, such as questions about past history of sexually transmitted infections, painful periods or intercourse, and/or a previous abdominal surgery.
  • Questions about prior surgery to the cervix or freezing for abnormal pap smears.
  • A general review of systems to ascertain symptoms suggestive of other endocrine abnormalities which might be contributing to infertility.
  • A careful social history to evaluate for any environmental exposures or social habits (such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drug usage or extreme exercise) which could contribute to the infertility.
  • A detailed family history to identify possible familial diseases such as uterine fibroid, diabetes, thyroid disease, ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

If you have medical records related to previous infertility evaluation or treatment, it will be reviewed to define the cause of your infertility, evaluate the effectiveness of past treatment and assess how they impact your options.

A physical examination and/or a pelvic ultrasound may be performed at your first visit or it may be postponed to the beginning of your next menstrual cycle to evaluate the pelvic organs and assess potential hormonal problems.

Please remember to complete and bring all the required signed forms (9 for couples, 6 for individuals) with you to your first visit!

We Look Forward to Meeting You

Should you have any questions in the meantime,
please feel free to call our office at 610-868-8600.

Thank you,

The Healthcare Team at Family Fertility Center

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We understand you may have a lot of questions. Additionally, each couple or individual has a unique set of circumstances. To this end, the best way to get answers for your situation is a face-to-face consultation with our physician.

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